Tiny Netbooks Designed for Acquiring Anywhere

Small Laptops

It’s darker than usual but that doesn’t overshadow all of the wonderful features of the Flex 11. Plus, with all the portability it has thanks to its 2.75 pound body and 11.6” screen display, you won’t be feeling bogged down by this Lenovo. The laptop has an 8th Generation Intel Core i7 Processor so you can game with the Dell XPS 13 as well as work on projects and assignments. A Windows 10 laptop will serve well for just about anyone from gamers to professionals to basic users.

Using a device that’s too heavy can really put a damper on your situation if you need to place it on your lap. In this article, each mini laptop model we’ll review measures well under 1-inch thick. That’s comparable to many paperback books and even newspapers, which means you can slip a mini laptop into just about whatever carrying solution you favor.

A few use an embedded MultiMediaCard , a form of solid-state storage sometimes identified as an SSD in product specs but actually flash memory like the kind used on memory cards. As such, it’s slower and a lot smaller in capacity than a standard SSD. You’ll generally find this type of storage only on the very cheapest laptops. Speedy hardware is all well and good, but you also need somewhere to keep all your digital stuff. For almost all ultraportables now, this means a solid-state drive .

Most early networks used processors from the Intel Atom line, but some used competing processors from AMD, including Fusion netbook processors, or VIA Technologies, including the C7 and Nano. Some very low cost netbooks use a system-on-a-chip Vortex86 processor meant for embedded systems. A few netbook used non-x86 processors based on ARM or MIPS architectures. While SSDs are the most common storage format for ultraportables, you will see two other storage options used on less-expensive systems.

Professionals, students, artists, gadget lovers and entry level users may all have a different kind of requirements in a mini laptop. This list was a guide to help you choose the best mini laptop for you based on your needs. The Ideapad has a stunning IPS display and long battery life of 10 hours even when streaming videos back to back, which makes it impressive. This is also the lightest laptop in this list weighing only 1.2 pounds. It has an anodized aluminum cover that is available in four vibrant colors. For the gamers, it comes with graphics that are two times better than its previous generations.

The latest Mac mini has fewer ports and is less upgradable than its immediate predecessor, but Apple’s M1 processor offers excellent performance, and the system’s fan is whisper quiet even when you’re editing photos or videos or compiling code. A strong pick for anybody, the ASUS Chromebook has its own set of standout features. It has a robust build, lightweight portability, and its own high-quality HD anti-glare display.

On the other hand, if gaming or entertainment is your prime requirements, you may want to compromise on the battery life and center your search on excellent resolution and audio quality. The Intel Atom processor and Windows 8.1 operating system make it ideal for work. The keyboard and touchpad are comfortable to use despite its small size. Weighing only 2.6 lbs, it comes with a commendable 8 hour battery life. The overall design is pleasant, and the display is slightly glossy.

But, if you’re buying a laptop for any other purpose, an integrated graphics card is sufficient. Because it’s next to impossible to replace your laptop’s display, it should be one of your top considerations when buying a new machine. When it comes to the best laptops out there, 1080p should be considered the bare minimum. Although 2-in-1 devices offer additional flexibility, you have to be even more careful when selecting a hybrid.

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